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My Limerick Lad: A St. Patrick’s Day Bad Boy Curvy Woman Instalove Romance (Kiss Him, He’s Irish! Book 4) by Maddy King ☘️


Book 4 in the KISS HIM, HE’S IRISH! multi-author series!

I came to Boston from Limerick when I was a lad, and grew up in my parents’ pub-style restaurant. When the economy took a hit, my father became indebted to a notorious loan shark to keep the lights on and the doors open.
To pay the loan back, I fight. Every weekend. Lucky for me, I’m the reigning champion of underground smokers, but the money all goes to the greedy loan shark…otherwise, I’m afraid he’ll hurt my Da.

One night, I spot a gorgeous, curvy woman I can’t keep my eyes off of. She doesn’t belong in a place like this.

Then I realize she’s there to watch her brother fight…me.

I’m drawn to this woman in a way I’ve never experienced before, and I can’t hurt her brother, because it would devastate her.
But now, I’ve just lost the loan shark a lot of money…and my family is in the crosshairs.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s time to celebrate! Join our curvy heroines as they meet some sexy Irishmen, and with a little luck from the Irish, find true love.
KISS HIM, HE’S IRISH! is a series of short, sweet, and steamy standalone instalove romances. No cliffhangers. No cheating. HEA guaranteed!

Publication Date 15/3/2021

My Limerick Lad: A St. Patrick’s Day Bad Boy Curvy Woman Instalove Romance (Kiss Him, He’s Irish! Book 4) by Maddy King ☘️

My Review

Declan has almost paid his father’s debt off. The pub he’s known all his life was in trouble, so his dad took out a loan with the wrong people. And Declan needed to help pay the loan off quicker than his parents were doing, the interest was mounting up!!

Illegal fighting is what Declan does best, If he can get the next two fights won, then it’s one step closer to finishing the debt off.

Olivia loves her brother, but when she finds out he’s going boxing to help pay his mothers bills, Olivia is going to kill him herself, he’s not a boxer! She needs to do something quick….

After a fateful meeting with the boxer who is suppose to fight her brother, the two say goodbye, but neither can forget that meeting….

And when the opportunity arises to thank Declan again, Olivia jumps at the chance. Sparks fly and neither of them want to be apart. But there is someone out to ruin their happiness! Can they figure out what to do before their happiness is extinguished forever?

It’s a short story that is part of a “Kiss Him, He’s Irish!” Series, there are multiple authors in this series. I’ve only read this one so far.

It’s a fun read. An instant love story that is ideal for today.

It’s only 8 chapters (and an epilogue) long, and can be easily read in a few hours.


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