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Kindle Review…. A British Governess in America (Revolutionary Women Book 3) by Becky Lower 

A British Governess in America (Revolutionary Women Book 3) by Becky Lower 


Eleanor Chastain has never left her hometown in Sussex, England. For ten years, she’s been a governess to the local earl’s young children, and now that the last of them has gone to boarding school, she finds herself unemployed. But the earl has other plans for her—a nephew of his in the fledgling country of America desperately needs a guiding hand for his five youngsters. Though Eleanor wants no part of America or the earl’s nephew, she has no choice but to accept the “offer” and set sail for the war-torn country.

Patterson Lovejoy’s wife died two years ago in childbirth, and chaos has ruled his household since that dark day. Though he’s glad to have Eleanor’s help, he begins to wonder if the peace of mind he has enjoyed since her arrival is worth the torment he is feeling as time goes by—and he finds himself falling in love with her. He can’t allow that to happen, since he feels responsible for his wife’s death. Marriage–ever again—is out of the question.

But with the deciding battles of the Revolutionary War approaching, can they take a chance on their love, after all? Will the war end their secret longing for what might be between them before they can admit their need for one another? When the battle hits their home and they are separated, Eleanor discovers an inner strength she didn’t know existed, and Patterson must make a decision he never thought he’d face.

Publication date 14/1/2021

Reading Order: 

Revolutionary Women:

Book 1 A British Heiress in America 

Book 2 A British Courtesan in America 

Book 3  A British Governess in America 

My Review…… 
I’ve read both of the previous books in this series, and both were pretty good, so I opened this one up with high expectations. And I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed.
Eleanor has loved her job, watching and guiding the children of her latest job. 
But as the youngest is set on his journey to Eton,  Eleanor now sets her sights at getting a new position as a governess. 
Being told she gas a new job in America looking after children for the Lord’s nephew comes as a big shock! And when she tries to refuse, she’s told if she doesn’t go, then he won’t write a letter of recommendation (and in those days, a reference was the only way to get a good job)  
Patterson needs to help his countrymen, but the love for his children have him pulled in two directions. 
Losing his wife in childbirth was hard, looking after five children had been a full time job, but now he’s needed to aid his countrymen. He’s not interested in marriage, he won’t fall in love ever again, it’s too painful. A nanny is required. And one is coming from England…..
Eleanor is faced with a dilemma, unemployment or a job overseas! Neither is ideal, but caught in a no-win situation, she sets out for America! 
Meeting Patterson, Eleanor realises her job is going to be harder than she thought! Not only is she looking after the children, but she’s expected to cook and clean also! And as she’s never had to do those jobs before, Eleanor is a little daunted at the prospect.
She needs to explain her worries to her new employer when she gets there.  
After explaining her worries her new employer has promised to send her home in the spring of it doesn’t work out….
It was nice to catch up with the couples from the previous books. In some cases really brief. Love when he can see w  hg at they are up to.
Spending time with each other, feelings begin to take hold. But there is change coming, and it could tear them apart! Patterson is sent off to war, and Eleanor is tasked with caring for the children, looking after them and the home, she comes to realise that her feelings aren’t one of duty, but love! She loves the children, and wishes to talk to Patterson before making the decision to stay or to go back to England. 
It’s a lovely afternoon read, a little romance and a little hardship thrown in. These books are told more from the American side of the story, and as a Brit, it’s always good to get the other side of history. 
Loved Patterson and his beliefs. The idealism of a free country, to live as an equal has always appealed to me (as history has usually shown us that’s not the case!) 
Eleanor also goes through a few changes, life in America is hard. And an incident brings her and Patterson’s eldest son closer (they were butting heads, he didn’t want her there) she learns a lot about herself as a person. 
Eleanor is upset, Patterson has been injured! He comes home unconscious and with a fever. 
Caring for him isn’t a chore, but when he calls out for his wife, Eleanor makes the decision to go home! She can’t stay when Patterson still mourns for his dead wife!! 
So will Patterson come to his senses? Can he convince Eleanor that he looks upon her as more than a cook/housekeeper and governess, and before it’s too late? 

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