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Seeder Shadow Wars (1) (Seeder Wars) by J. Houser


Dating and High School: Hard Enough. Now Add Assassins.

Avoiding assassination wasn’t on Mel’s to-do list for her junior year.
Learning she wasn’t human hadn’t made the list, either.

An only child with overprotective parents, Melody Walters just wants a drama-free year—and to be able to date. She gains the interest of more than one suitor, but doesn’t realize any one of them could be an enemy on the hunt. For her, the dating scene could prove deadly.

Mel discovers she’s a member of a botanical race, forced to hide their daughters in the human world until they mature enough for their powers to bloom. Something goes wrong with her blooming process, breaking her cover and jeopardizing the lives of her protectors and the large family she’d never known about.

With the enemy threat ever-looming, in a rush to master her new powers before she’s stranded in the human world forever, Mel struggles to decide who she can trust and if the sacrifice being asked of her is too great.

Publication date 17/9/2021

Seeder Shadow Wars (1) (Seeder Wars) by J. Houser

My Review 

Mel is just your typical high school student. The usual dramas that come with being that age….. 

A possible new love interest and the fact her best friend is in love with her! See totally normal stuff. 

So when she finds out that she’s not human! Well, that throws up a lot of questions, and she needs answers, like now!

Finding out those answers (will make sense of the prologue) only make her life more complicated! 

Oh and her bitter enemy The Ivies) want her dead! Wait! She has enemies that want her dead! Could her life get anymore complicated? Well yes it can, she can also wield magic! 

And her parents decide to foster a child, but not a little one! No he had to be an annoying senior in her school!!

So where does her best friend Zach and her new love interest come in? 

Can they be trusted? 

Mel begins to look at everyone as a potential enemy! 

Wow! That was totally different from anything I’ve read so far. 

What a great story. 

Very detailed, very meticulous and well thought out. Lots of background story (which will also make the prologue make sense) 

Seeders are supernaturals who give life to seeds that will eventually grow into the next generation.

The bad guys are the Ivies, they want to annihilate the seeder population from existence, and by separating the next generation and hiding them from the Ivies, the Seeders can try to guarantee that it doesn’t happen. 

So will Mel ignore her growing power’s? Or will she go home to Green Lands and learn more about her heritage and help in the fight to win against the enemy? But if she does that she’s going to have to leave all and everyone she knows and loves…..

And now I’m anxious to read what happens next. 

It doesn’t hang on a cliffhanger, but it does leave it open to another book (which I’m hoping will be soon) 🙏 

I’d highly recommended this book to lovers of the paranormal and the readers who like something a little different. 


J. Houser has spent most of her life in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Her second language is Polish and she uses neither her A.A.S. in Culinary Arts nor her B.S. in University Studies. Instead, she takes snippets of dreams and a lot of ‘what-ifs,’ and is feverishly working toward her goal of being a multi-genre hybrid author. She’s a firm lover of both Jane Austen and Stargate, and currently resides in Idaho with her lovable fur-child, Mia.
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