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Joyless (Alabaster Penitentiary Book 2) by Nyla K

Joyless (Alabaster Penitentiary Book 2) by Nyla K


Correctional officers get a bad rep. But in our case, it’s fully justified.

We’re not good people… We’re guard dogs. As twisted as the inmates we patrol, courtesy of the monster who created us.

Prisoners ourselves on an island of manipulation, we’ve spent years drowning in vices to dull reality. If these walls could talk, I’m telling you… they’d scream.

They call me Velle, but that’s Officer Chevelle to you. Hands dirtier than my mind, I have no qualms with staying ruthless to keep these creatures in line.

And I’m not alone.

Joy Jameson is my partner in crime, and my ex. Together we rule Alabaster Isle like Bonnie and Clyde, only prettier and far more dangerous. It’s the two of us against this wicked, secluded world.

Until he shows up…

Although we need him, the rookie is a problem. Flipping me upside down, using my own hidden desires to tempt me.

Rook… with his green eyes and country boy smile…

He has no business luring me into something that will get everyone hurt.

Let it be known, denying myself while dominating this role is my default setting. But with him in the picture, I’m struggling to keep it intact.

The mask is slipping, control I can’t lose wavering as we welcome our newest psycho to the roster.

Let’s hope, for all our sakes, Inmate #101 doesn’t do anything stupid.

**Joyless is a MMF romance in the Alabaster Pen world. While it explores new characters, it is advised to read Distorted first to prevent spoilers.**

My Review


This book!!!

I have no words!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read Distorted first.

This book can be read without reading Dash and Kellan’s book. But as it’s set in the same time frame, it just adds to this book.

Officer Velle or Chevelle, is a total bast@rd! He’s the type of guy your going to hate, and then fall in love with. In the first book he not a nice character. But reading this book you’ll find out why he’s such a dick to everyone around him! Joy is also an officer in the Penitentiary. The only female officer, so being an officer in that type of prison you’ll need balls of steel! And she has those in abundance!! She’s not to be messed with, because if you do, you’d better be prepared for the smack down she will definitely give you!! Rook is the new guy in the prison, still a little wet behind the ears. The prisoners try to get around him, some more than others!

The dynamics between the three of them is just off the charts. Joy and Velle have history, and it shows in this book. But when you add Rook to the mix, well you can kiss you day goodbye, you won’t come up for air until the last page!!

Reading the attraction that Velle has for Rook is just addictive. How he wants the new officer, and will do anything to get him….

So how will this threesome work? It works pretty pretty darn good thank you. We also get to catch up with characters from the first book. Throw in some intrigue and you’ve got another winning combination.

Please can book three be out now?!?!


Indie author of Flipping Hot Fiction. I write big books and I cannot lie, *insert smirky face* of the often taboo, dark and forbidden romance varieties.
I love to write what I love to read: dark, dirty, and DIFFERENT smutty and taboo erotic love stories. My books are not for the faint of heart. Meaning I’m still getting used to being able to look people in the eye after they tell me they’ve read my books. But it’s a work in progress.
I like my books sexy, maybe a little humorous, with tons of angst and real drama. They are always relevant, and boundary-pushing… But mostly, I love them unique and well-written. Life’s too short to read the same story redone over and over. I also believe in having an open mind, when reading and just in life. I don’t personally believe in backing away from triggers, so that’s what you’ll get with Nyla K books.
Reading should broaden our horizons and open our minds. That’s what I set out to do with my writing. If even just one person gets that, then I’ve done my job 🙂

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